Cool IT News 12

Cool IT News 12

The Qualcomm comes with 10nm server processor with 48 cores. Termbox allows to try a Linux distribution directly in the browser. Google will spread the leap second to twenty hours - Beware of NTP!

Termbox: Launch a Linux/GNU directly from the browser

Project Termbox pleasantly shaked with a Linux world in the last week. This allows easily demonstrate the behavior of the Linux environment (you can choose from Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, openSUSE and Arch) directly from the Web browser. Terminal with access to a virtual place, where the system is running on and it can easily test, launches in user´s the browser tab. Authors of Termbox want to popularize GNU/Linux in the world. More information

The first 10nm server processor in the world

Not only Intel, but also Qualcomm want to sell more products, so second named company presented a new technology: the first 10nm manufactured server processor with FinFET technology in the world. Centriq 2400 processor has 48 cores, and finds its application particularly in serverhouse and cloud services. Processors have already been demonstrated at the press conference and the sale is planned for the second half of 2017. More information

Google will spread the leap second to every twenty hours

NTP Google servers are waiting for a minor change on the New Year’s Eve. Due to the inability of some systems to handle correctly with leap seconds, Google has decided to divide it into 14ppm in every 20 hours. When you use Google servers and servers of other providers for sync your devices due to a standart leap second, which is added about midnight, you can expected inconsistency on the last day of the year. From the January 1, all servers will operate normally. More information

Important safety errors

Serious bug in kernel

Linux contained a serious bug from August 2011, which was discovered nowadays. Misusing of this bug could lead to local users privilege escalation. Last week, the bug was corrected. More information

Chrome 55 fixes huge amount of security issues

This is not overaction. A total of 36 bugs and some of them pose a serious safety hazard have been corrected in the new Linux version of popular Web browser Chrome. Some of the most serious bugs has related to XSS or spoofed address in the address bar. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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