Cool IT News 13

Cool IT News 13

Drop out christmas cookies, move the christmas tree, new Cool IT News is here. We have hardware, software, security and the penguins news for you. So sit comfortable, we are getting started!

CentOS 7 is coming

One and a half month after the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3, a new version of CentOS revealed. The new CentOS includes, for example, support of SHA2 in OpenLDAP or Bluetooth LE. But it takes so long… More information

WD presented 12 TB harddisk, harddisk with 14 TB is preparing

Some people from the Western Digital still believe that classical harddisk drives have own place in the market. Well, okay, then. WD therefore introduced a new helium-filled 12 TB harddisk, called Ultrastar HE12. At the same time it was promised that the version with 14 TB will come soon. These harddisk can be used in various NAS and cloud solutions. Prices of these drives did not announced, yet. More information

Flash is a reason of 60 percent of the most common vulnerabilities

Server RecordFuture published a list of vulnerabilities exploited by commercial exploits in 2016. Six of the ten the most common vulnerabilities is directly tied to Flash from Adobe. The rest of them represent vulnerabilities in MSIE, Silverlight and Windows. It could be a reason why escape to reasonable operating system… More information

Important safety errors

McAfee has secure as same as quality

Andrew Hacker Fasano warned Intel developers about serious security flaws of the Linux version of McAfee Virus Scan more than half a year ago. This old antivirus that protects against same old viruses, designed for old Windows contains ten critical security flaws. Thanks to them, the attacker can gain even root privileges. Guys from Intel have not fixed these problems and it seems, that they have no intention to do it. More information

Netgear has to resolved a router flaw

A little better access to security problems had boys from Netgear. In August hacker Acew0rm, who exposed serious security flaws in routers R6400, R7000 and R8000, turned to them in this matter. But he have not got any reaction so far. After publication of the flaw last Friday, Netgear confirmed this flaw and have begun hastily putting together a firmware correction. Now it is available in beta version. More information

News from Coolhousing

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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