Cool IT News 17

Cool IT News 17

Wine is coming with a new major version. Intel will launch its new processors Skylake-X and X-Kaba Lake on the market in August. Mozilla finally selected new logo and graphics, after seven months.

Wine 2.0 supports Office 2013

After many years, the second major version of the emulator Wine is ready for using! Although we cant see any striking change in the architecture, there have been made significant improvements in support of variety of technologies and specific applications. Wine allow run 64-bit applications on MacOS and key new features include also support for Microsoft Office 2013. More information

New processors Skylake-X and X-Kaby Lake available in August

Intel prepares to launch new processors Skylake-X and Kaba Lake-X for the new platform X299 during August. Both series will belong among the category Core i7-7000 and one expected, that they will be produced by 14nm technology. We will know specific details probably during summer, but now it is already clear that the new processors will find its fans especially among early-adopter of new technologies. More information

Mozilla has a new brand

Mozilla finally selected brand new logo and graphic and brand design after only seven months. They had been choosing from enormous amount of designs, a lot of them were even interesting and very innovative. A significant change in design can be also seen on mozilla.org site. Although some of us can be difficult to get used to the new graphics, let’s wish much success to Mozilla. More information

Important safety errors

Oracle fixed 270 critical bugs

Oracle published a quarterly critical patch updates and security alerts of their products. In total it were fixed 270 vulnerabilities. Particularly in Java SE were fixed 17 serious errors and in Oracle MySQL 27 errors. More information

WebEx for Chrome executed attack code

WebEx plugin for Google Chrome contains a serious security flaw that allows a remote attacker to execute code. Revised version has been published, thus update as soon as possible. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

Acceleration of Colocation. 1Gbps for the price of 100 Mbps. Every second is important, be faster than others! More information at: https://www.coolhousing.net/en/colocation.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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