Cool IT News 23

Cool IT News 23

Fedora is going to stop the publishing of alpha version. SUSE overtook corporate clients´ division from Hewlett Packard. Videos from Installfest 2017 are out!

Fedora ends with alpha

Popular Linux distribution Fedora is going to end with alpha version. The decision was made at the last meeting of the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee and this application includes all editions from 27th version. Beta version will remain in the development cycle, but the future is not entirely sure about its destiny. More information

SUSE has bought division of HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has sold its division focused on free cloud. This includes projects like OpenStack or Cloud Foundry. SUSE was buyer and became new developer of these services. The transaction price was not published, but interesting detail is that HP will recommend SUSE, as the main option for server operating systems, to HPE´s corporate clients. More information

Videos from Installfest 2017 are out!

Did you pass Installfest 2017 or do you want to remind some lectures from this festival? Records of all lectures are finally available on YouTube, even at 4K resolution, for free. Audiovisual Center of Silicon Hill at CTU took care about it. Good job! More information

Important safety errors

Cerberus FTP Server

Popular Cerberus FTP server contains security vulnerabilities in version, that allow a remote overload and collapse server. More information

Another vulnerabilities for WordPress

Plugin DTracker designed for Word Press contained two remotely exploitable vulnerabilities. Both of them were associated with inconsistent input data control. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

Acceleration of Colocation. 1Gbps for the price of 100 Mbps. Every second is important, be faster than others! More information at: https://www.coolhousing.net/en/colocation.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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