Cool IT News 25

Cool IT News 25

Apple finally launches a new file system. SecureDrop was awarded by FSF. AMD plans processors with sixteen cores!

iOS 10.3 comes with APFS

Apple with new iOS version 10.3 proceeded to a long-awaited change in the file system. Nineteen-year-old HFS + was replaced by modern APFS. Users will not notice these changes in practice, perhaps only space saving can hit in their eyes. IPhone models with 256 GB will save 2.5 GB. New system APFS could gradually appear on all (not only) Apple devices. More information

FSF awarded SecureDrop

Free Software Foundation awarded the prestigious award. SecureDrop received the award for socially beneficial project. Its tool is using for anonymous file sharing via Toru by journalists and whistleblowers. It is undoubtedly a useful project that deserves attention. But tool has also become an incredible tool for narcotics dealers. FSF didn´t report this information, surprisingly. More information

AMD Ryzen will be offered with 12 and 16 cores

Do you want to be a big boys? Show how are you cool? Then we have good news for you. AMD plans a new line of processors Ryzen, that should have 12 and 16 cores! It is a clear response to Intel HEDTA from AMD, of course, you can use them particularly as servers, but it is already clear, that fans will be players as well. So, are you getting excited? More information

Important safety errors

Vulnerable eject

Vulnerability was found in program eject, which is used for ejecting the CD / DVD drive, allowing local privilege escalation. The error concerned to the Ubuntu´s and Debian´s distribution. Distributions that use eject from the util-linux package, are not vulnerable. More information

Dangerous OpenSSH

Untrusted search path vulnerability was found in package OpenSSH in versions to 7.4. Vulnerability allows to remote attacker to run the fraudulent code. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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