Cool IT News 27

Cool IT News 27

Shutteworth will be the head of Canonical, again. Microsoft released the Update Creators for Windows 10. AMD plans new features in virtual reality.

Mark Shuttleworth returning to role as Canonical CEO

An astronaut, visionary and well-known critic Mark Shuttleworth should return to the highest post in the leadership of Canonical company. He left this position to Jana Sibler in 2010, who stands behind the development of Ubuntu, and he aimed only on the conceptual management of company. With his comeback more than 20% of employees would be fired. There is also talk about the possibility of other investors. How the future of Ubuntu will continue it is difficult to estimate, at the moment. More information

Microsoft released Creators Update

Microsoft released a patch called „Creators Update“ for Windows 10 into the world. It includes primarily security and system fixes of known bugs, brings several minor innovations, especially at the backend. Within a Tuesday´patch the last update for Windows Vista released (it’s amazing how long this outdated operating system is supported). More information

AMD acquired technology from Nitero

The AMD company newly included the technology of little-known company Nitero in its portfolio. AMD gained valuable elements for the development of custom wireless solutions VR and AR headsets by acquisition of Nitero´s know-how. We don´t know any play of AMD yet, but obviously the world of VR and AR is becoming more popular and it suggests that interest in these technologies will grow even more. More information

Important safety errors

V-Hyper Vulnerability for Windows

In Hyper-V for Windows several vulnerabilities were discovered. One of the most important design allows a remote DoS attack. More information

Vulnerability in libjpeg

Well-known hacker and internet guru, Michal Zalewski, discovered a serious security vulnerability in libraries of libjpeg and libjpeg-turbo. It allows remote transcript memory. Moreover, this is new information to vulnerability, which was discovered four years ago. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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