Cool IT News 30

Cool IT News 30

You can legally create MP3 in Fedora. Google has posted a list of accepted students to GSOC. Thunderbird will remain under Mozilla.

Thunderbird remains under Mozilla

After long exploration and consideration, the decision was made – Thunderbird will remain as a part of applications managed by the Mozilla Foundation team. It was considered whether the project could have been better managed by another entity, this decision eventually has been made – but with one condition: project has to create own infrastructure. It has been shared with Firefox so far. More information

MP3 can go to Fedora!

MP3 is finally free. Patents were dealt with encoding MP3 files have expired and can be used in Fedora’s distribution. Fedora gained authorization to play this most popular audio file only half a year ago. In other words – to listen to a song or to upload a barking dog or a snoring wife, you don´t have to run from Linux to other operating systems any longer. More information

GSOC published a list of accepted

The program Google Summer of Code already exists several years. Instead of spending of a part-time job in McDonald´s in summer, talented programmers can do what they enjoy and get huge salary for it. This year knows its participants – 1318 students were admitted to part-time job during the summer, for example, for the Python Software Foundation, Mozilla, Fedor, the GNU Project, or the Gentoo Foundation. More information

Important safety errors

Vulnerability in WordPress

It’s probably embarrassing, but whatever. We have another vulnerability in WordPress for you. The version 4.6 contained the vulnerability that allowed to run boot code remotely. More information

Microsoft fixed Crazy Bad

The vulnerability called Crazy Bad, which appeared in the Malware Protection Engine, was fixed on the day, when it was announced. The witty thing about the whole vulnerability is that a functioning exploit could be filled into only one tweet. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

We are looking for Senior Network Administrator/Senior Linux Administrator to our technical team. Be part of great company! More information at: https://www.coolhousing.net/en/job-opportunities.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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