Cool IT News 31

Cool IT News 31

This is new Cool IT News no. 31. AMD presented a new 16-core processor, Wcry is defeated, Free BSD published a report, covering the first quater of 2017.

AMD presented new monster

AMD is confident that its position in the field of desktop processors is not threatened so far as it was speculated in recent months. AMD boys introduced a new Threadripper processor, the monster that has sixteen cores with thirty-three threads. Their goal is to defeat progressive interest in Intel Broadwell-E and Skylake-E processors. This processor should be appeared on the market in the summer. More information

Do you want to cry?

Probably everyone who does not live under the stone or have spent the last week in a coma met with the Wanna Cry (Wcry) ransomware. This worm will bruise into your system, brutally encrypt it, and then access your data for a fat fee, which seems to go to North Korea. But while Kim was looking forward to gross revenue, but picked up at most a few million dollars. It seems that Wcry has already been defeated. More information

FreeBSD is proud of itself

FreeBSD developers (one of the good quality operating systems for servers :)) have released a quarterly report that highlights milestones and shows the direction of further development. However, an interesting fact that we can read from it is that the current number of ports is near to thirty thousand. For example, FreeBSD added support for eMMC, improved ARM support, and plan support for SD cards. More information

Important safety errors

iCloud Keychain Sync

This application tool made by Apple contained an error that allowed the attacker to obtain user data and passwords. It was fixed in iOS 10.3. More information

WordPress again, again, again

As common practice – in the popular CMS WordPress, six more serious security flaws of various kinds were found. We strongly recommend to upgrade to version 4.7.5. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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