Cool IT News 34

Cool IT News 34

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Apple presented new staff and toys

As every year, development conference WWDC takes place under leading of Apple. The traditional keynote Tim Cook launched this event, and along with other key people, introduced the main news for upcoming months. The new MacOS High Sierra, iOS 11 and some surprisingly great hardware innovations were introduced. More information

Gentoo dropped support of SPARC

Gentoo ended SPARC security support. It was the result of a long debate between teams. The reason of shut down of support is the limited capacity of the team to handle patches across platforms, however SPARC was one of the most marginal issues. The general issues, affecting all platforms, will still be patched even for SPARC. More information

GnuPG makes fundraising

Do you care about security? Do you want to encrypt your mail, in order to Putin and Big Blonde do not know about what you are writing? Then you probably know the GnuPG project. This project is handled by six developers, but their capacities are limited (you know – you can not feed the children only by smile). That is reason, why a new campaign has been launched to get at least EUR 15,000 per month to pay developers. Will you join? More information

Important security vulnerabilities

Bleed ImageMagick

Everybody knows, that ImageMagick is a big hole. Few days ago, one interest occured – Yahoo servers allowed to retrieve text strings from memory. More information

Twitter, watch out!

This is unbelievable, but by simply changing the owner_id and user_id parameters, it was possible to tweet by any user account in the Twitter advertising interface. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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