Cool IT News 37

Cool IT News 37

Google will pay the fine. In addition, it has postponed Backup and Sync for Google Drive. Facebook has over two billion users.

Google postponed an extension of Google Drive

The new Backup and Sync tool, which should be released in Windows and Mac versions, is delayed. Google has decided to postpone this great auto-backup tool for Google Drive. The reason was not clearly announced, but the new deadline has been set for July 12th. So let’s see, maybe this time will be right for Google. More information

Bad, bad Google

And Google once again…. the new information, which was reported by all media, must be mentioned in Cool IT News as well. Google has received a record fine from the European Union. It will total € 2.42 billion (about 65 billion czech crown). The reason is the alleged manipulation of the search result, where services offered by Google were preferred. More information

Facebook has 2 billion users

Sugar Mountain has announced an important thing. Information without which you can not fall asleep. Something, why the Earth starts spinning on the other side … Yes, it is. Facebook already has two billion users (almost a third of humanity). Both Messenger and WhatsApp each have about 1.2 billion active users. More information

Important security vulnerabilities

Systemd again

Systemd has another critical vulnerability, which allows, in the extreme case, to execute the attack code. The error applies to all versions from 223, the fix is now being tested. More information

Leaky OpenVPN

OpenVPN has vulnerabilities too. This time, four were found. The most serious of them allow to attacker to drop or take over the server control. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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