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Attack on another wallet with the virtual currency. Raspberry Pi has significant competitor. LibreOffice is looking for a mascot – you could be him! :).

Classic Ether was attacked

Etherum was attacked by social engineering

Another of the virtual currency wallet, Ethereum was attacked this time. It is Classic Ether Wallet. It was attacked on the night of June 29-30, and estimated loss is amounted about $ 300,000. The mode of attack was however very sad because attacker used a social engineering - he convinced the hosting company that he has been the domain owner. This accident would not happen in Coolhousing! More information

Raspberry Pi has competitor

Raspberry Pi has new opponent

Nano Pi Neo Plus2 is the new competitor to Raspberry Pi, which is the most widely used microcomputer ever. The new piece has 1 GB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and 8 GB eMMC. As the processor, the Cortex-A53 Allwinner H5 with 1.5 GHz with the Mali 450 GPU was used. More information

LibreOffice looks for new mascot

Mascot for LibreOffice

The office suite for the biggest cool men, LibreOffice, is looking for a mascot. No, please, do not send your photos from party. However the proposal can be sent by anyone, the only condition is that it must be published as free work. The top three authors will receive prizes and the best design will be rewarded with laptop the Slimbook KATANA Intel i5. More information

Important security vulnerabilities

...systemd again…

In the past week, the battle has struck between the author of systemd and the hacker with the nickname mapleray. He claims, that has discovered a serious bug in this tool, but the author claims, that it is not a systemd bug, but the individual tools that allow this abuse. More information

Watch out on kernel

The Linux kernel is locally vulnerable in versions up to 4.11.1. A local attacker can run a DoS attack and gain control of the system. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

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Author: Jirka Dvořák


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