Cool IT News 4

Cool IT News 4

In fourth edition of the Cool IT News we will look at news around Linux. Critical security bugs and errors won´t miss as well.

Linux 5.0 will release next year

The fifth major version of the Linux kernel will be released next year. Linus Torvalds announced that currently with 4.8 core, we are a mid-cycle development between versions 4.0 and 5.0, which is evidenced by the number of objects in Git. Always after two million objects is released a new version – and the number of objects is over five million. It can be estimated that the fifth major version of Linux will be released in the second half of 2017. More information

Ubuntu 16.10 will have MATE 1.16

Ubuntu 16.10, codenamed Yakkety Yak, will be released very soon. However, it was not sure until recent days, whether MATE environment in its current version 1.16 will be installed, and many people expected the new Ubuntu gets older version 1.14. Fortunately, Ubuntu has managed successfully resolving of all problems and now we have an official confirmation that the new Ubuntu will have MATE 1.16. More information

Skype finally managed videocalls via GNU/Linux

It is hard to believe that it took so long, but it’s finally here. Skype’s Linux version finally also supports video calls. It is important to note that the new Linux Skype is a modern development branch diverted from the original Skype 4.3 for Linux, which manages videocalls, but it is not supported for a long time. More information

Important safety errors

Systemd could be crashed by only one tweet

Demon Systemd could be crashed by one command, which fits into a single tweet. Andrew Ayer demonstrated that and started a huge discussion. The error has been for two years and during its repair another security risk was revealed. More information

Bug in OpenJPEG

Library OpenJPEG has gained a critically important update this week. A serious bug had been discovered, which allowed insert and execution of the attacker’s code in fake files that the library is trying to decode such images in JPEG2000. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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