Cool IT News 48

Cool IT News 48

We bring you the freshest and coolest news from the world of IT: a 24-core mainboard, a processor with Linux support and much more!

Mainboard for 24-core

Do you want an awesome desktop or a great server? Who would not want to, right? So, go to 24 cores. Linaro, Gigabyte and Socionext are preparing a microATX mainboard based on the 24-core ARMv8 SynQuacer SC2A11. The board should meet the 96Board specification and include PCIe and DIMM slots, four USB 3.0 ports and a dual gigabyte NIC. More information

RISC-V procesor with Linux support

SiFive has completed the design of the 64-bit U54-MC Coreplex processor. It is the first processor with RISC-V open architecture on which Linux can be run. It has four U54 application cores with a RV64GC instruction set at 1.5 GHz and one E51 monitoring core with RV64IMAC. So if you want to look like world master, do not hesitate for any moment! More information

Mozilla awards over half a million

Within Mozilla Open Source Support (Mozilla Open Source Support) Mozilla is constantly looking for new and new open-source programs and tools that help Mozilla or the Internet as such. These projects are then financially valued to facilitate their further development. Last year, for example, Tor was supported. This year was also very varied and Mozilla shared a total of $ 539,000. More information

Important security vulnerabilities

Leak in Kernel

The two-year-old security bug has been fixed in Linux. It allowed the attacker to escalate its privileges. More information

Dangerous Windows

CyberArk hackers discovered a bug in the Server Message Block service that allows you to bypass Windows Defender and run the infected file on Windows 10 or 8.1. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

Real Redundant Connectivity

Last week, we informed you about the perfectly managed maintenance by Core-Backbone. The event was announced in advance, however this situation had happened again, however this time without any warning and by Dial Telecom week later. And the result? See the charts below. As you can see, again, Coolhousing Data Center redundant connetivity is not only promise or monkey business, now even without warning!

Transit graph of connection

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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