Cool IT News 49

Cool IT News 49

Friday is here and it means a list of the most interesting news for all cool IT admins. What happened in the past week? You will find out here.

Beware of WPA2!

The main message of the past week is undoubtedly breaking of the wifi networks security using WPA2-PSK. Defacto all wifi networks are so easily breakable and accessible as well as the data they transmit. To make sure that your data is now secure, turn off your wifi. And if you have to use wifi, try to make it via the HTTPS services. More information

Growing Deploy of IPv6

In January, only twenty countries had 10% representation of IPv6 (not just in datacenters). As you can see, IPv6 is attracting to many people, so today we have a total of thirtyone countries where IPv6 is more than 10%. Great, huh? The best is Belgium, where representation is 50%. In the Czech Republic, which is on the 28th place, the IPv6 share is 10.88%. More information

Julian Assange thanks to US government for Blocking

Julian Assange, with his WikiLeaks project, is the pain in the back of many US politicians, thanked Senators McCain and Lieberman for blocking all of the standard payment options in 2010. Thanks to this blocking, he implemented payments on Bitcoin for his projects, which provided 50,000% of money evalution. Well, modern technology is a bet for sure. More information

Important security vulnerabilities

Another Leak in Kernel

Haven´t you updated the kernel on the server, yet? So, hurry up! Cisco has described a vulnerability that allows local user rights escalation. More information

Dangerous Windows

If you have been forced to use Outlook through some sense of confusion, then you have to know that the information you have been sent could be in jeopardy during recent months. Encrypted mails (S/MIME) have also gone parallel in plaintext. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

Real Redundant Connectivity

Last week, we informed you about the perfectly managed maintenance by Core-Backbone. The event was announced in advance, however this situation had happened again, however this time without any warning and by Dial Telecom week later. And the result? See the charts below. As you can see, again, Coolhousing Data Center redundant connetivity is not only promise or monkey business, now even without warning!

Transit graph connection

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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