Cool IT News 5

Cool IT News 5

KDE celebrates twenty years of existence. Samsung started to produce 10nm chips. New JIT compiler will be in PHP 8.0.

KDE celebrates twenty years of existence

In October 14 1996 Matthias Ettrich sent to the group comp.os.linux.misc report that establishes the KDE project. This desktop environment grew up since October and in present is one of the most important IT project in its category, whose functions are using by users as the default setting for many Linux distributions. Within twentieth anniversary, porting KDE 1 to the current version of the Linux distributions has happened. More information

Samsung started to produce 10nm chips

Samsung has started mass production of 10 nm chips. The reason of production could be the introduction of the new Galaxy phone S8, which should have come to market much earlier than was expected and to help to overcome Samsung other difficult period after exploding Note 7. CPU efficiency has increased thanks to a new manufacturing process by thirty percent. Now, we can speculate about further use of 10 nm chips in graphics cards and computer processors. More information

PHP 8.0 will get new JIT

Zend company starts to develop the new JIT compiler for PHP. The aim of developing is to keep the code small and efficient as could be possible and if everything goes according to plan, JIT should become part of PHP 8.0. The new compiler that has enough space for development, because new version of PHP won´t be available for some months. For now JIT produces output for Linux on x86 and x86_64 without problems. More information

Important safety errors

Curl contains at least 11 vulnerabilities

Curl library contains at least eleven security vulnerabilities. Daniel Stenberg from development team pointed out at the errors. He also promised, the version 7.51.0 which corrects these errors will be released until November 2. More information

SAP fixes several errors

This week new update for SAP is finally released. This fixes an amount of 48 vulnerabilities, including several errors allowing DoS, buffer overflow, or XSS. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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