Cool IT News 53

Cool IT News 53

At the beginning of December, we do not forget and bring you the coolest IT news. We will look at Mozilla, the kernel and the future of KDE. Security vulnerabilities overview won´t be miss as well.

Kernel will be protected by KAISER

The guys from NetBSD and OpenBSD show how they are great, but now they can maybe cry. The new kernel will gain a protection from KAISER, which is based on a similar principle to KASLR on mentioned systems. This defense protects the kernel against attacks based on the addresses randomization. Thus Linux moves, respectively from the kernel 4.16 that gets this protection, to a new level and wipes out the others. More information

KDE announced plans for the future

KDE developers had voted priorities for the next few years on their annual conference. The first task is basic software fine-tune to make it more acceptable for ordinary users. The next priority is the privacy and security of users improvement, and lower barriers, which is nothing but improvement of documentation, simplification of processes and opening of the entire infrastructure. More information

Mozilla releases records

Mozilla’s Common Voice project aims to create free voice recognition software. Mozilla had therefore asked the public to send recordings from which they could learn its genius. And because people were really kind in the general, they sent a total of 400,000 recordings that Mozilla has released. At the same time, the DeepSpeech algorithm, that analysis these recordings, was released. So, if you want to play with voice recognition, go for it. More information

Important security vulnerabilities

Flaw in Samba

All Samba versions from 4.0.0 contained a flaw that allowed a remote attacker manipulate via SMB1 request with server and potentially compromise it. More information

Leaky macOS

The MacOS High Sierra conteined a major security vulnerability in its standard and server versions. It allowed to get the root even without password. Keep up to date! More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

Real Redundant Connectivity

We informed you about the perfectly managed maintenance by Core-Backbone. The event was announced in advance, however this situation had happened again, however this time without any warning and by Dial Telecom. And the result? See the charts below. As you can see, again, Coolhousing Data Center redundant connetivity is not only promise or monkey business, now even without warning!

Transit graph

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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