Cool IT News 7

Cool IT News 7

Cool IT News with number 7 is here again with fresh news from the world of computers and IT. Today we are going to look at the expected news from the penguins and a truly explosive report from hardware world.

Linux Mint 18.1 will be release by end of year

We are starting with good news for lovers of penguins. Popular distributions of Linux Mint, which became one of the most popular on desktops, will be updated on version 18.1, labelled as Serena, by end of this year. It will be apparently built on the LTS version of Ubuntu 16.04, however new form of Packager formats Snap and Flatpak will be included, as well. Version with MATE will get new environment in version 1.16. Great move, any? More information

EVGA? It is a real bomb!

Better sit little further from your desk, maybe your computer has a bomb! And no, Samsung is not involved in this time. Graphics cards EVGA with chips GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 are overheated and their voltage transformers could explode. It has even happened several times. On the problem EVGA initially had been responded by offer of a hot-water washer, but after that the problem was really serious, they have decided to update the BIOS cards to avoid extreme temperatures in graphic cards. More information

LastPass will offer free sync

For what you have to remember complicated passwords? Forget it right now! Althought plenty of various password managers are already on the market, only a few of them worth something. One of the really popular is LastPass, which available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and then experimentally for several others. LastPass has changed a pricing policy and large of services is possible to use for free. Even newly it offers synchronization between different devices, of course for free. More information

Important safety errors

Insidious GNU Tar

If you operate some automated system or you work with archives a lot, you should definitely read it. Popular tool GNU Tar contains a bug called Points Feather, which allows the use of archives for overwriting files regardless of the specified path. The error is reported in versions 1.14 to 1.29. More information

Eleven vulnerabilities in curl

A new version of libcurl libraries and tools for data transmissions over various data protocols curl fix eleven of serious security vulnerabilities. Inventory of all these fixed vulnerabilities is listed on the project. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

New offer of dedicated servers. Do you want a great performance, speed and reability?
More information at: https://www.coolhousing.net/en/hosting-dedicated-servers.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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