Cool IT News 8

Cool IT News 8

As every week, we prepare for you a summary of interesting information from the IT world. We are going to have look at the new branch of Ubuntu or speed record of graphics chip. Overviews of interesting vulnerabilities won´t be miss, as well.

Ubuntu Budgie becomes official version of Ubuntu

Ubuntu, meaning in the original African language: “I can not configure a Debian”(little joke), is expanding. Ubuntu Technical Board has unanimously decided to include the former budgie-remix to official Ubuntu distribution under the name Ubuntu Budgie. This version Ubuntu uses Gnome as the default desktop environment, and its first official release will be next year under the Ubuntu 17.04. More information

NVidia Pascal breaks records

With the exception of sex, there is probably no area where achieving higher and higher speed was not a major issue. This rule could be apply to graphics chips, because a new generation GPU from NVidia GP106 Pascal was presented on event GALAX GOC 2016. This new type breaks limitation od 2885 MHz. Geeks around the world are amazed, however business managers of NVIDIA pronounced that this breaking-recorded version is only the beginning of a new era of superfast graphics chips. More information

Chrome has reached a top of peak

Google Chrome with 55 percent has become the most widely used Web browser in the market. Share of Chrome increase rapidly, while Internet Explorer is going down. The third place belongs traditionally to Firefox, which has 11 percent, same as year before and if the development team takes up a bit and don´t reduce its memory requirements, Firefox won´t reach a higher share. Near to Firefox is Edge, the new browser from Microsoft, which could replace Internet Explorer in the future. More information

Important safety errors

Another security defects in OpenSSL

OpenSSL has discovered several critical errors few days ago. And we can open a bottle of champagne, because there is another! Project development team announced that version 1.1.0 contains several security defects, one of them is critical, even. Fixed version 1.1.0c was released on Thursday. More information

Two vulnerabilities in MySQL and MariaDB

Dawid Golunksi, who is denoted as security guru, hacker, and who knows what else, published another pair of major security vulnerabilities relating to MySQL and MariaDB. They can be misused by local user of database for privilege escalation and subsequent assumption of control over the database server. More information

News from Coolhousing

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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