Cool IT News 86

Cool IT News 86

This summertime ends and fall/autumn begins. Our Cool IT News never ends and always will be here for your IT knowledge.

The Intel and linux distribution

The Intel tries a new direction. It prepares a super-hyper-ultra-mega-cool Linux distribution for security-critical deployment. For example, it can be used for autonomous cars, drones or satellites. This interesting project has an equally interesting name – Intel Safety Critical Project for Linux OS. More information

The OpenSSH saves keys more carefully

The new version of OpenSSH was released. There is not much news, but there are those that are worth to mention. And one of them is a new key storage format. The new format is also more resistant to brute force attacks and allows to save comments as well. You can use the old PEM format using the – o PEM switch. More information

The PureView is back at the Nokia

Do you remember a popular PureView, that has emerged in the field of mobile cameras? Yeah, the old good camera in the Nokia. And now it is back. The Nokia, more precisely, HMD Global, which owns this brand, has taken back the PureView into its portfolio. Let’s see if it comes back to the sun of success. More information

Security news

Kernel again…

Almost every week we report about new vulnerability in the kernel. This time we will not make an exception. Vladis Dronov from Red Hat has discovered a vulnerability, which applies to all versions from v4.0-rc1 to v4.13-rc4. This allows to create a special packet that kills the kernel into an endless loop and stops the system. More information

You can be also in dangerous even in the hospital

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research guys have discovered a new way how to manipulate with patient monitoring. The described method is not extra complicated and requires little programming knowledge in Python and Raspberry Pi. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

New offer of dedicated servers

New dedicated server offer

Coolhousing Datacenter comes with a brand new offer of HPE and SuperMicro dedicated servers. If you look for mailserver, storage or performed server for virtualization, dedicated servers from Coolhousing will entirely satisfied your demand. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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