Cool IT News 9

Cool IT News 9

The MacOS code runs in GNU/Linux. Intel seems to offer a new model i3 processor with very interesting characteristics. SteamVR will support GNU/Linux.

Release Jobs to penguin

Almost everyone knows the Wine under GNU/Linux. But why not load any application for MacOS in the Wine? The dream becomes a true, here is the Darling! By this project you can emulate MacOS and launch its native application in GNU/Linux. The project was created as an open source and its code is available on GitHub. The tool is not complete yet, on contrary it is remain in the beginning, and it will take a while than offer users a full experience. More information

Unlocked and cheap i3-7350K coming?

According to unconfirmed reports, Intel has decided to include a new model series Core i3, specifically 7350K in its portfolio of processors. It should have, unlike other models i3, unlocked multiplier. Thanks to multiplier you can easily overclock the processor on the higher frequencies. This model could be a response to AMD, which presented a generation of Zen with processors included unlocked multiplier. The price of the new processor should be around 150-180 US dollars from Intel and it is speculated also about support of hypertreading. More information

SteamVR for GNU/Linux is close

Are you looking forward to visit via virtual reality distant and exotic countries, tour the ancient monuments or load wild hardcore porn? SteamVR allows you that with support by GNU/Linux and MacOS. Competing project Oculus promised as first support GNU/Linux, but finally it threw penguins overboard. The first beta version from VR should appear within a few months. More information

Important safety errors

Beware of LUKS!

Another critical error, which concerns the Debian and Ubuntu distributions derived from them, is here again. For this time it’s vulnerability in LUKS, respectively cryptsetup in initramfs. If the attacker enters the wrong password for thirty times, the script / script / local ends and an attacker gains access to the command line with root privileges. More information

Access vulnerability in VMware Workstation a Fusion

VMware Workstation and Fusion version contains a security vulnerability that allows the guest of OS to run arbitrary code directly from the host system. On a local scale this fault has no real effect. However, in the case where the operated plurality of hosted systems on the one machine, it could be a serious problem.
More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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