Cool IT News 95

Cool IT News 95

Friday, cool IT day. We have another Cool IT News for you, where we've selected the biggest news of the last week.

Ubuntu 19.04 release

Recently, there are so many news related to new Ubuntu 19.04. A release is scheduled on April 18, 2019, however the freezing of the news is planned on February 21, 2019. From March 28, beta version will be available. The new version of Ubuntu, which is called Disco Dingo, will be equipped with Gnome 3.32 and possibly a new kernel 5.0. Apparently, we will also see integration with Android via GSConnect. More information

Valve increased peer nodes capacity

Do you hate X-mas event, so play games! After all, you will not spend time with family, will you? 😉 We have a good news for you. Valve increased the capacity of its lines in peering nodes NIX.CZ and NIX.SK. A five times faster line, 100 Gbps, is placed in Prague and 20 Gbps in Bratislava. GL HF! More information

Qualcomm must license modem technology

According to a decision by the US federal court, Qualcomm must to grant the access to its technologies and key patents to its competitors. Primarily Samsung and Intel. Intel also manufactures modem chips for Apple (alternating with Qualcomm). More information

Security news

Vulnerability of VirtualBox without fix

VirtualBox has a serious vulnerability, which is presented in the code shared between platforms, and related to all operating systems. By misusing the vulnerability, an attacker can access to the host system. More information

XNU core & Ping of Death

Do you remember Ping of Death? Yeah, it’s been some Friday, but who’d forget … So, it’s back and full of beauty. This time, it concerns to the XNU core and go to Apple systems. Technically, this is a heap overflow in the ICMP Requirements Component. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

dedicated server sale

Sale of dedicated server

Coolhousing data center comes with a great sale of Supermicro E3-1220v3 with 4 CPU, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 2x 1TB HDD and 1Gbps connectivity. Do not miss this opportunity with price value offer!
More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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