Event Cool Summer Experiences with Coolhousing data center

Cool Summer Experiences with Coolhousing Data center

Do you like the speed? Do you want to try out, what faster is? Whether our dedicated server or red Ferrari? Do you require a bulletproof protection? Is our Anti-DDoS defense impenetrable as same as a tank? Or do you rather prefer the flexibility of a virtual server, which will be your guide in a extravagant virtual world? All these you can enjoy with the cool summer event by Coolhousing Data Center!

The luxurious ride in Ferrari, ride in armoured vehicle or unforgettable virtual reality experience waits on selected customers every month until mid-October 2017. Every experience is associated with one of our services: fast dedicated server with dynamic ride in the Ferrari, impenetrability and security of the amoured vehicle with bulletproof protection of Anti-DDoS and flexibility of virtual servers is related to extraordinary experience in the virtual reality!

ride in Ferrari for dedicated server
ride in armoured vehicle for ANTI-DDoS protection
experience in Virtual Reality for Virtual server

What is needed to do?

Every month, three customers, whose ordered and paid the largest amount for dedicated servers, virtual servers or Anti-DDoS protection services in the certain month, win one of the above experience. Cool summer event will be ended by October 15.

3 services = 3 experiences

Dedicated server – ride in Ferrari

Anti-DDoS protection – ride in armoured vehicle

Virtual server – special experience in virtual reality

Information for winners

Selected clients will be contacted by email or telephone.

Event validity

From July 15 to October 15, 2017.

Speed, security and flexibility. These are three qualities of services of Coolhousing data center. Order one of the above services and enjoy the cool summer experience!

Conditions of event

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