Coolhousing, a trustworthy operator

Coolhousing, a trustworthy operator

The NIX.CZ association, the operator of a neutral connection node for the Czech Republic, announced today the acceptance of a new member of the FENIX security project. It's ninth member is none other than COOLHOUSING. We have been included among major organisations such as Active 24, Casablanca INT, Cesnet, CZ.NIC, ČD – Telematika, Dial Telecom, Seznam.cz and O2 Czech Republic, which can operate a trustworthy and secure internet.

The FENIX project appeared on the platform of the Czech peering node, the NIX.CZ association, already in 2013 as a reaction to the intensive denial of service attacks, which affected major Czech media organisations, banks and mobile phone network operators in March 2013. The purpose of the project is to enable the accessibility of internet services within organisations included in the project in the event of a denial of service attack. Coolhousing has now become part of a team, which in the event of massive denial of service and direct denial of service attacks will be better prepared to protect its customers.

FENIX is a project appreciated by the professional community and is intended to guarantee a secure internet in the Czech Republic. “For us, network security has been, is and shall remain a priority, and we are making this clear through our involvement in this unique project,” says Coolhousing Executive Karel Umlauf.

One of the conditions for getting involved in the FENIX project is the establishment of our own Computer Security Incident Response Team CSIRT), and these teams involved in the FENIX project will combine forces in the event of a massive threat to the Czech internet and will agree on a transfer of operations within the NIX network to a highly secure mode.

“Coolhousing has had to fulfil a number of conditions, which are enshrined in the rules of the FENIX project. Organisations involved in this project are clearly showing that they are not indifferent to the network security and safety of their customers,” Umlauf adds.

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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