Coolhousing August 2009 news

Holidays are in full swing, and the same goes for improving services provided by the Coolhousing housing server. We have brushed over familiar farm-housing programmes, innovated virtual servers and updated the Webhotel service.

Server farms remodelled

Our customers had asked us to “dust off” farm-housing programmes. If you use a rack server, rack housing is the correct choice for you; however, for those with classical servers the rack may be rather uncomfortable and not very effective.

This is why Coolhousing is here with server farms. The original programme was designed for up to five servers. This is history! For the time being, a client is allocated a space of 1000/480/600 mm and it is up to them how to use it – in the same way as in case of racks.

As regards the farms and the necessary input, this is similar as with racks. Farms are provided with electric meters, and if a farm´s input exceeds the input designed for a basic option of the model, the excessive input is backinvoiced at rate CZK 6/kWh. Forget advance payments – and pay only for what you really use!

In addition, connectivity was updated as well. We told you in July that the NIX connectivity in rack programmes was increased to 1Gbit. The same increase was applied in server farms. Unfortunately, the idea of an “unlimited number“ of technological devices within the allocated space does not let us connect the individual devices directly in the Coolhousing network: therefore, clients are assigned one uplink to each farm, and they distribute their connectivity in their devices via their own or leased switch.

The clients who use the old Server Farm programmes may decide whether they wish to use the older option or switch to the new one (free of charge). Nevertheless, we think that the concept of the new model is more advantageous and more efficient.

New technology in virtual servers

Virtual servers are becoming more and more popular, and clients´ requirements are higher and higher accordingly. We accept that, of course – and we make every effort to adjust our services to clients’ needs. This was the main reason for the transfer from the linux-vserver to the newer Xen technology.

The main advantages of the Xen virtualisation are the speed, the independence on the operating system, the administration of the operating memory, the possibility of “customer” setting in the VPN and Iptables, and – in particular – the support to the IPv6 protocol. All these clients´ requirements had initiated the change – the virtualisation by means of the XEN technology. The IPv6 support indicates that the applications should be now adjusted for this type of protocol, which means that -slowly but surely – the support to IPv4 will be terminated.

Webhotel even cheaper

The Webhotel stands for a complex solution of webhosting and mailhosting, that combines virtual servers with an ISPConfig control panel. The panel ISPConfig 3 indicates a lot of changes and a big improvement, for example, easier configuration. We decided to reflect the change in the installation charge – it was reduced to € 35,- only.

You can have a complex solution for company websites and e-mail services – and from € 11,- /month.

Dedicated servers from HP

There are just a couple of HPs at stock – but do not hesitate or it is too late – www.coolhousing.net/en/hosting-dedicated-servers.

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