Coolhousing datacenter helps Nadacnik

The Coolhousing datacenter proudly supports very unique project Nadacnik for two years. This website helps many people to find proper social services and foundations in their difficult life situations.

The project Nadacnik can be simply described as an advisor or as a helper between institutions and big life stories. This website works as an aggregator of many reliable foundations and grants to those who most need it, helps with all applications and give advice about all the administrative obstructions, that are so typical for the Czech Republic.

The nadacnik wrote about Datacenter Coolhousing: "Imagine, you got a great offer to live in a luxury home for some penny. And did this for me. It gave me the server under really good conditions. Thank you!".

Entire Coolhousing crew wish the best and continual grow to Nadacnik. Help where you can!


Our customers, thank you for your support. That would not be possible without you!

Karel Umlauf, CEO


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