Coolhousing data center new infrastructure

Coolhousing data center opens new era

The Coolhousing Data Center opens a new era of services after more than 6-month of infrastructure optimization! With a new combination of typologies, the entire network operates in "high availability" mode and provides not only high availability, perfect throughput and scalability, but also speed and efficiency for your network devices and servers.

New data center infrastructure adopts the best features from „Spine & Leaf“ and „STP“ topology. High speed, predictability, scalability, efficient communication without loops are ensured by „Spine & Leaf“ topology with Equal-Cost Multipathing (ECMP) configuration method. The presence of the Spanning Tree Protocol „STP“ enables immediate redirection of traffic over another route in the case of a failure of multiple active network elements. Thanks to this combine network configuration, datacenter is fully redundant and operating in “high availability” mode.

Spine & Leaf Network Topology

Network infrastructure

Along with these infrastructure improvements, the Anti-DDoS protection has been upgraded as well. Scrubbing center, the heart of this solution, was newly implemented on the connectivity provider level. Thereby, data traffic is cleaned on higher level, and the Coolhousing datacenter is capable of countering hundreds of GB attacks in second.

Thanks to these improvements, the Coolhousing data center is capable to offer many brand new services for its and new customers. The new services presentation will be very soon.

Coolhousing Team

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