Coolhousing is now offering email hosting services called CoolEMAIL

Coolhousing is now offering email hosting services called CoolEMAIL

Coolhousing is expanding its services and offers a hosted email server now. This solution offers e-mail services for your own domain, unlimited number of pages and 10 GB of e-mail storage space. The service is free for customers using dedicated servers. For customers using virtual servers and server housing services is available for € 2,- per month.

Operation of an e-mail server demands high level of reliability, availability and also high quality management. Today, the success of every company depends on the availability and accessibility of e-mail messages. It is usually very demanding task to run your own e-mail server. But this task is also demanding for clients who operate virtual and dedicated servers or use server housing services and often the expected results do not meet the expectations which shall be ensured by so important and crucial service. Therefore, Coolhousing decided to extend its offer by adding more services and began offering services of an email server on top of its hosting programmes.

If you are already renting a virtual or dedicated server from Coolhousing or if you are already using server housing services and you do not want to rely on operation and administration of your own e-mail server, you may use free CoolEMAIL service and add external e-mail hosting to your dedicated server. You will be able to use mail services provided by e-mail server in your own domain, 10 GB of storage space for your e-mail messages and up to 7 x 10 GB for periodic backups. You may also create unlimited number of e-mail boxes Also operation of a webpage operating as a domain basket is available.

To receive your mail you may use POP3 and IMAP4 protocols and SMTP to send your mails, both encoded with SSL/TLS. The service also includes an interface used to administer and manage e-mail accounts, antivirus and anti-spam software and web interface to access your mail via IceWarp Merak Webmail client.

“Good e-mail availability and accessibility is crucial for many companies. No one wants to experience a situation when a great or lucrative business opportunity or even a business partner is lost due to the fact that you could not access your e-mail box. At the same time, operation of a professional e-mail server is very expensive and demanding and it is simply not worthy. CoolEMAIL service on the other hand is a service that does not burden the customer with complex administration or high cost”, explains Karel Umlauf, the Managing Director of Coolhousing.

CoolEMAIL service parameters

CoolEMAIL offers a total disk space of 80 GB (1 GB = 1 000 MB) on one domain, of which 10 GB are shared for e-mail boxes and up to 7 × 10 GB of space is shared for backups. You may create unlimited number of e-mail boxes on any domains. Backup is done automatically once a day. Sending and receiving is done via POP3 / IMAP4, resp. SMTP protocols, both offering SSL / TLS options. Web interface is ensured through IceWarp Merak Webmail. You may also use web interface to manage your accounts, to change user passwords or to setup redirecting, antivirus, antispam or domain basket.

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