Brand move

Coolhousing gets inspired by Google and pushes the balls

As reported portals Živě.cz and theguardian.com on the weekend Google changed its logo. We at Coolhousing decided to go with this trend, and we move the balls in our logo. Unlike Google, we are not afraid of big changes. We are very revolutionary and we are moving the balls about two pixels.

The new logo Google has moved the letters “g” o 1px right and the same amount of pixels has been moved letter “l”, which has also moved 1px below.


“Coolhousing also wants to show that it is moving forward in its work, which is why we decided to move the elements in our logo,” says Jiří Dvořák, Coolhousing’s marketing specialist. In light of the big changes in the network, Coolhousing is making it clear that it is keeping up with current trends.


Author: Jirka Dvořák

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