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Coolhousing starts a proprietary CSIRT

In Coolhousing, security of network and client devices is not underestimated. Safety has significantly been extended by the establishment of our own CSIRT, the Computer Security Incident Response Team, registered at the European TF-CSIRT authority and responsible for the solution of safety incidents in our autonomous AS35592 system.

We have always meticulously monitored safety within our network. Naturally, the lowest possible number of potential safety problems is also our problem, not only that of the individual customers. Similarly to human health, the well-known saying that prevention is better than healing applies to the health of our network as well. It is better to attend to security than solve later consequences.

To formalize our effort at the highest possible safety of the internet section which we administer, the autonomous AS35592 system, we have established our own CSIRT and registered it under the Coolhousing CSIRT name with the all-European TF-CSIRT Trusted Introducer authority. In this way, we have joined a group made of responsible domestic providers: besides several university teams, the CSIRT.CZ existing thanks to the co-operation of the state and CZ.NIC, and several teams of commercial companies, such as O2 or Seznam.cz.

The existence of our own registered CSIRT team is also one of the prerequisites for Coolhousing’s participation in the FE.NIX project, which is a protected and trusted “last chance” interconnection of several of the most important domestic ISPs within NIX.CZ.

This is used to maintain at least some available connectivity in case of, for example, extensive (DDoS) attacks on the internet infrastructure or network of a project member. Besides the already mentioned 02 and Seznam.cz, the current members include, for example, one of our suppliers of foreign connectivity, Dial Telecom, CZ.NIC, Cesnet, ČD Telematika and other giants among Czech providers. We believe that we will soon be able to bring you good news about Coolhousing’s participation in FE.NIX.

Statement of Coolhousing’s CSIRT registration can be viewed on the TF-CSIRT website. (https://www.trusted-introducer.org/directory/teams/coolhousing-csirt-cz.html).

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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