Dedicated servers are on sale again!

Dedicated servers are on sale again!

A few days ago we presented a new range of dedicated servers, which also means that we started the clearance sale of our previous configurations. Fancy a server with all the trimmings for less than thirty a month?

The configurations on sale are brand new machines or machines that have been used for a short time only as they were intended for unrealised or cancelled projects. Since the cheapest configurations start at EUR 23,70 per month, this is an unbeatable offer on the rented dedicated servers market (i.e., hardware plus server hosting).

For that amount you get a small and economical Barebone G2030 server with an Intel Pentium G2030 dual-core processor, 4 GB RAM, and 500GB SATA drive. This configuration can be used, for example, as a little busy Web server.

If you require more, just add a few Euros and we can host a Hewlett Packard server for you with 16GB RAM, 500GB hard drive and an Intel Core i3-4130 dual-core four-thread processor. The clearance sale price of this configuration is only EUR 28,97 per month.

We also have two more powerful configurations in stock. Both have the same pair of 500GB SATA drives. But they have different processors and operating memories. The HP Compaq 8200 configuration has the quad-core eight-thread Intel Core i7-2600 processor and 16 GB of RAM. The monthly fee for renting this server and housing is EUR 39,50.

The Supermicro E3-1220V2 configuration, as its designation implies, is equipped with the Intel Xeon E3-1220V2 processor. It has 8GB RAM. The memory, however, is of the ECC type and supports error checking and corrections, which is a highly recommended function in a server: Various studies have proved that an error occurs in each gigabyte of RAM on average every 2-4 weeks. In ECC memories the random-access controller is capable of correcting the errors to a certain extent and thus prevent extreme cases of data corruption. This server costs only EUR 39,50 per month.

As you probably already know, some of our clearance-sale configurations may have been used for a short time, yet all of them are thoroughly tested and, above all, we guarantee free servicing of their hardware. This means that in case of a server failure we will provide its repair or replacement, regardless of the extent of the failure. After two years of using our server, all clients have the option to buy it at the sensational price of only EUR 3.

All the clearance-sale dedicated servers are connected to the Internet by an aggregate 1000 Mb/s connection with unlimited data transfer, they allow remote administration and on-demand non-stop restarts from our operation centre. All prices are shown less VAT.

For a complete list of our clearance-sale servers go to https://www.coolhousing.net/en/hosting-dedicated-servers#sale.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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