Dedicated transit connectivity at special prices

Dedicated transit connectivity at special prices

Perhaps everyone faced the question, whether shared connectivity will be sufficient for his/her project or dedicated connectivity will be necessary. Server hosting Coolhousing decided to help to solve this problem. We offer you a dedicated foreign connectivity at special price for first 6 months.

Dedicated connectivity at special price!

  • Unlimited data transfer + guaranteed bandwidth
  • Price from € 8.00 / 1Mbit per month
  • 14 day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied

A dedicated foreign connectivity is such a connectivity, that is guaranteed by us to our client throughout its use. This connectivity is not shared, therefore, we can afford the above mentioned guarantee. In short, this connectivity is only for you.


  • Minimum quantity 30Mbit
  • Minimum step in the amount of connectivity obtained is 5Mbit
  • Connectivity must be completely divisible by five
  • Hosting model with 1Gbit connectivity for NIX
  • Concluding a new hosting service
  • (does not apply to contracts already concluded
  • The campaign continues till its termination

Monthly payment

  • 5Mbit-20Mbit = 14.00 / 1Mbit
  • 25Mbit-95Mbit = 10.00 / 1Mbit
  • above 100Mbit = 8.00 / 1Mbit

This special price is valid for first 6 months of the use of the service and cannot be combined with other discounts such as 5% discount for 6 month advance payment for the service.

Connectivity can be increased or reduced at any time, as needed. Such change does not extend the special period.

If you find out during first 14 days of the use of the service that this service does not meet your needs,we will give you all your money back!

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