Control Panel

Detailed instructions on the Control Panel are out!

Surely you have already met with Web interfaces, in which you lost orientation and you could not really find anything you are looking for. When we created our web interface - Control Panel We thought primarily to the needs of our customers and we tried to hold that there was nothing "extra", and always found exactly what you looking for.

We decided to create a detailed onstructions where you can find everything that might be of interest, ranging from changing the password to print the invoice. Gradually we went through the different tabs and described to you what it is.

We hope that the guide will be beneficial not only to our new customers, who need to learn about the environment of the Control Panel, but also to existing customers who encounters any problem that you do not know what to do. Instructions can also be used by those who have yet to decide if they are to become our customers and would like to get an idea of how the web interface will be familiar.

Detailed instructions can be found here:
Coolhousing web administration

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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