Do you hate wasting the performance of your server on filtering unwanted e-mails while relying on the operation of your own e-mail services where you require high accessibility and reliability and on which relations with your consumers often depend? Try to use CoolEMAIL!

Email Hosting
  • Webmail, AntiSpam, Antivir
  • Total disk space including backup up to 120 GB
  • Unlimited number of e-mails
  • Email basket

The CoolEMAIL e-mail service offers services provided by a mail server in your own domain. This service will give you a disk space of 15 GB and up to 7× 15 GB for periodical backup of your mail. You may create unlimited e-mail boxes and an unlimited number of sub-domains. Domain waste bin is a standard feature of your e-mail box.

To receive your mail you may use POP3 and IMAP4 protocols and SMTP to send your mail, both encoded with SSL/TLS. The service also includes an interface used to administer and manage e-mail accounts, antivirus and anti-spam software, and a web interface to access your mail via Webmail.

Email hosting
CoolEMAIL € 4 /month
Total disk space 120 GB
Shared disk space for e-mails 15 GB
Shared backup disk space 7× 15 GB
Number of e-mail domains 1
Number of e-mail boxes unlimited
Webmail Yes
Data backup once every 24 hours. Yes
Incoming mails via POP3/IMAP4 + SSL/TLS Yes
Sending via SMTP + SSL/TLS Yes
Maximum number of e-mails sent via SMTP 1 000/day per e-mail box
Interface used to manage your e-mail accounts Yes
E-mail forwarding Yes
E-mail forwarding Yes
E-mail box creation/termination Yes
Antivir Yes
Antispam Yes
E-mail basket Yes

E-mail hosting services may not be ordered individually but only as a part of VPS services, or for dedicated and hosting servers.

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  • "We have been using your services for many years already, and we are very satisfied.

    It's obvious that you are continuing to make major advances with your services and are providing solutions custom tailored for all types of customers.

    Thank you for cooperation."

  • "We began cooperating with Coolhousing in 2011. At the time, we were looking for only a reasonable and perhaps temporary solution with a dedicated server for a favourable price. In 2 years of cooperation, we have found Coolhousing to be a high quality business partner, not only because of its provided service, but also its customer and technical support. The company responds very quickly to all questions and requests. Therefore, the expected temporary solution has become a permanent solution, thanks to the quality and price of services!"

  • "When choosing a provider of server colocation we concentrated, among other things, on the fact which providers actually responded to our enquiry and what conditions they offered.

    At Coolhousing we have not only a contractually agreed power input corresponding to reality but, as a company engaged in the development of web applications, we also rely on a fast and individual approach of the provider’s technical and sales team."


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