Connectivity and our network infrastructure plans

End up with 100 Mbps and our network plans

The data center network is like a living organism that needs constant care. In recent weeks we have been upgrading our network infrastructure by new network elements, removing the "last of the Mohicans" with 100 Mbps ports and coming up with 100 Gbps technology

A guarantee of quality connectivity with low latency has been one of the top priorities in our data center over 20 years. With the increasing demands on the speed, reliability and particularly, security of the Internet connection, it is necessary to regularly innovate and implement new technologies, procedures and protocols to ensure that the entire network infrastructure is ready for the latest trends and the most demanding requirements of our clients.

Redundancy and uplink combination

We have started to replace older 1 Gbps switches by new stacking elements, which significantly increased the port capacity in our data center last year. Another benefit of replacing the older switches by new features is the reduction of power consumption (the new switches are more efficient), and especially thanks to redundant power supplies and connection to A/B power branches from two different substations, different UPS circuits and independent diesel generators, we can talk about 100% redundant power supply design that meets even the most demanding specifications for ensuring connectivity availability.

The LACP/MLAG method has been implemented on all network elements at the same time. The great advantage of the method is the combination of multiple uplinks within a single connection. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to multiply the connection throughput, which we use in the uplink ports of switches not only to ensure sufficient infrastructure throughput, but also redundancy, where connectivity to one stack is always brought from at least two independent elements. Our clients can appreciate the possibility of combining multiple uplinks in a single connection. Whether for Anti-DDoS Business, high-capacity unmetered lines, or to provide fully redundant connectivity for their project.

Removing of 100 Mbps and transition to 100 Gbps

Optical cabels singlemode

We have also removed the last devices with 100 Mbps ports from our network in recent weeks and after this step all customer technologies are connected to at least 1 Gbps port speed via metallic uplinks and we have also provided 10 Gbps connectivity, which is connected exclusively in the form of duplex singlemode optical uplinks.

This year we plan to complete a rebuilding of the core elements, which is currently about halfway through. With this upgrade, we will be able to bring 100Gbps port speed connectivity to/from our data center and thanks to the mentioned LACP implementation even multiples of 100 Gbps.

We keep an eye on our connectivity and network and we believe that these steps will prepare us for further challenges or interesting projects. And you will be still happy with the quality of our connectivity.

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