In our data center, we do not charge for power consumption based on the (manufacturer´s) specifications or based on the start-up measurement, but according to the actual and real consumption of your server. We connect your server to a 230V smart socket C13, and you can then see the actual power consumption in the Control Panel. To set your power category, we use the average measured power in the last 30 days. After that we will invoice you this measured value or according to mutual agreement, we set up a monthly tariff according to consumption that is periodically revised. More information you can find here.

Yes. You can monitor the performance and power consumption from the Control Panel, where you can have graphs displayed for any selected period.

You can measure the input power with a wattmeter. If you don’t have one, send us your HW configuration and, based on the actual sample and their knowledge from the field, our salespersons will estimate your server input power, or you can try our calculator.

No, we start charging your service when you move to us and connect your technology.

The server and its equipment must not exceed the given space and must be labelled, fixed and sufficiently secured against damage during normal handling. Only one server can be placed on one mounting kit/shelf, the rack server must be supplied with a rack mounting kit, the maximum power consumption per rack/tower server is 500W.

Each server hosting service is very original and although we are able to prepare on the day of the order, it always depends on the complexity and scope of the solution. We always do our best to welcome and connect you as soon as possible.

Any of our clients can visit our data center at any time, i.e. 24/7. There is always an operator physically present in the data center to show you your place and technology. In the case of moving your technologies to our data center at night, it is always necessary to make arrangements in advance in order that everything is ready for you.

If you have more servers to colocate, it is possible to consolidate them into a server farm or a separate rack. Contact us and we will be happy to help you and create a customized solution, even for atypical equipment sizes.

Yes, this is possible, including additional configuration using remote management KVM over IP, which we provide to all our services for free. More information here.

Yes, you can connect any external device to your server. However, you have to inform the sales department of our data center about this external device.In case you are interested in an external hard drive from us, please look at our solution.

Yes, it is possible. However, the size of the shelf should not exceed the height of the server (number of units).

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