How do you calculate server performance?

Thanks to intelligent outlets we are able to measure server performance on-line. We then use the average performance measured in the past 30 days to set the performance category.


Do I have the option of monitoring the performance of my server?

Yes. You can monitor the performance from the environment of your client section, where you can have graphs displayed for the selected period.


How do I determine the performance of my server before its placement?

You can measure the input power with a wattmeter. If you don’t have one, send us your HW configuration and, based on the actual sample and their knowledge from the field, our salespersons will estimate your server input power, or you can try our calculator at www.coolhousing.net/cz/kalkulacka-prikonu


Is it possible to access the BIOS system on my server even if I am not physically present?

Yes, it is possible if you are using a KVM over IP service constantly or as a one-off service.


May I connect an external hard drive to my server?

Yes, it is possible. You may connect any external device to the server. If you are interested, please contact our customer support line and you will be given the necessary information.


Is it possible to use a shelf for a rack server?

Yes, it is possible. However, the size of the shelf should not exceed the height of the server (number of U).