Invoices and Payments

You can choose from five popular payment methods. To pay by PayPal, Bitcoin, GoPay, credit card, or bank transfer, click https://controlpanel.coolhousing.net/payment. For more information on payment methods, terms and conditions, see here.

Yes, however, the change will take effect during the next accounting period. If you wish to change, please contact us in advance (it is best to do so immediately after a new invoice/statement for the next time period is issued), via customer service line, by the request or by e-mail. When you change your subscription period, the discount, which you automatically receive for that period, will be changed as well.

The invoicing of services is done electronically and invoices are sent via e-mail. The invoice overview can be found in the client section of the Control Panel.

The email listed in the company record is used as the primary contact, including for invoicing purposes.

For PayPal payments outside of our payment portal, you can use the e-mail address info@coolhousing.net.

Yes it is. Provider of payment is the company Gopay s.r.o. and unfortunately with a payment by bank transfer is used as a variable symbol internal ID of transaction. A reason is the right matching payment with customer.

You can terminate the service, or give notice, by sending an e-mail from an authorized contact or by sending a letter to our data center address. Once we receive your termination notice, we will review the contractual obligations and then send you a confirmation with the date of termination of your service. The notice period is most often 1 month, but depends on the contractual obligations and starts the month following receipt of the notice.

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