Follow us and get a free virtual server for the whole year

Follow us and get a free virtual server for the whole year

Coolhousing is handing out virtual servers on Facebook! Who wouldn't like having their own completely free virtual server. Getting it is easy: Follow us on our Czech or English Facebook page and wait for lady luck.

Action terminated, based on Facebook rules.

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Followers of our Czech or English Facebook profile can receive a free virtual server for the whole year. Every three months, we select one follower who will be entitled to use the VPS Start or VPS Windows virtual server for one year, with a retail price of almost 3800 CZK. The winner can choose whether he wants the VPS Start or Windows variant.

Will you choose a Linux or FreeBSD operating system on a single virtual processor core with 512 MB of memory (VPS Start), or will you give preference to Windows Server 2012 with two virtual processor cores and one gigabyte of memory (VPS Windows)? Both variants include unlimited data transfer speeds on a 100Mb/s line. The service always includes one IPv4 address, /96 subnet IPv6 addresses, automatic backups or the option of customer reinstallation of the operating system through web administration. VPS Windows may be used as an ideal remotely accessible virtual office.

So, are you still unsure about whether you want to follow us?

Follow us and get a free virtual server for the whole year

The selected follower will be contacted by our business department. In case of disputes during evaluation, Coolhousing reserves the right to make the final decision. Offer organizer contact – the business department of Coolhousing: info@coolhousing.net. The special offer will remain in effect until further notice. The special offer will adhere to rules for holding contests in the Facebook network. Facebook, Inc. is not the organizer of the special offer or otherwise affiliated with it.

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