Hired servers including administrator's services

Rent servers including administrator services

Are your needs overflowing the capacity of shared hosting? Do you need your own server but you don't want - or can't afford your own administrator? Our managed servers, i.e. dedicated servers hired with administrator services may be the right solution for you.

The managed servers are based on time-tested configurations of HP and Supermicro servers. The performance spectrum is really wide, from machines based on Intel processors Core i5 to powerful servers with processors Intel Xeon E3 and E5. Every tariff includes basic administration services (BASIC), which means five hours of any work done by the administrator/monthly, during business hours, however, in case of interventions needed for recovery of the server they may work day and night.

Our managed servers are operated under Linux, currently Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Regarding web services, you can use the Apache web servers and the MySQL database system. Your e-mails will be processed by the Postfix mailserver. You will not be limited regarding any other software installations.

Back-up, back-up, back-up! The administration services naturally include daily backups. The data are kept in an external storage and you can access the backups at any time. With the BASIC administration services, you can use 1 TB capacity for backups. In the administration PRO option, 2 TB are available.

Are you thinking of being a hosting provider? The capacity on our managed servers may be sold. Due to the ISPConfig 3 administrator tool, you can configure your web, FTP, database and DNS servers, as well as the firewall, antivirus, anti-spam or user accounts.

“Our administrators’ services are offered as a natural part of our services connected with hired technologies. In addition, an external administrator means great savings for the customer because smaller enterprises cannot use their internal administrators’ capacity to the full,” says Karel Umlauf, the Coolhousing Proxy, about the modern trends in hiring ICT including human resources.

The prices of managed servers begin at 3 697 CZK/month for HP Compaq 8300 with processor Intel Core i5 3570, 16 GB RAM and a pair of 500GB SATA III hard discs. As an option, you can have a more powerful variant with  processors Intel Xeon or a larger disc capacity. The service includes  internet connection by means of 100Mb shared connection with unlimited data transfer, backup power source and BASIC-type administration. PRO-type administration is offered for additional 4 500 CZK/month. After 24 months, you can buy the server for net book value of 59 CZK.

Coolhousing managed servers are recommended for any company size. This service is extremely useful if you do not want to – or cannot pay an administrator of your own, if you want to buy the service “as it is” and let somebody else take care of everything, or if you are, for example, seated far from Prague and your own administrators would have to spend a lot of time travelling to our data centre while, in case of a failure, the non-availability of the server would be too long.

Our well-experienced administrators can take care of your servers instead of you.

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