Hopefully, it will not be us - how to protect yourself

“Hopefully, it will not be us” – how to protect yourself?

Do you believe that DDoS attacks will always target different servers than yours? You can be a random victim or the target of somebody's joke. It may even be a matter of a competitive struggle. A DDoS, the cost of which for the attacker may be only several Euros, may cost you many hundreds of Euros. If you are not prepared for it.

Christmas sales are approaching. Temps are hired, goods are in stock, supply deliveries are more frequent. But did you remember the most important thing – secure smooth operation of your servers?

“They will be after someone else anyway” you may say. Yet the fact is that 65% of organisations engaged in Internet services faced at least three major DDoS attacks during the last year. If the attack is successful, your services may be completely unavailable. Have you ever calculated the losses that you would suffer due to an hour, day, or even longer outage during the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy?

The leading company on the domestic market with musical instruments does not underestimate the threat of DDoS attacks: “Last year, the Kytary.cz e-shop generated revenues of more than 150 million crowns. Our servers, like any other publicly accessible servers, face various types of attacks daily. We have repeatedly been through very annoying moments when the attacks resulted in failures of our e-shop and our back-office information system. Our financial losses caused due to a non-functional e-shop during Christmas amount to hundreds of thousands of crowns per day. That’s why we have given high priority to the protection of our servers this year. Thanks to Coolhousing, our servers will be under effective anti-DDoS protection this Christmas. The protection is provided through a sophisticated solution from Radware” said Vladimir Myslík, Managing Director of Audio Partner s.r.o. which runs Kytary.cz. Servers of Kytary.cz are hosted at our data center.

The protection provided by Radware DefensePro detects and blocks attacks by the use of advanced detection algorithms and behavioural analysis. It is available to all customers of our hosting and housing services.

If you want to start a business on the Internet and protect it with the most secure technology possible, we have solutions that are tailored to your needs. The most suitable solution for new projects is Multihosting, which means an ISPConfig 3 hosting panel configuration and a virtual server with a single processor thread, 2 GB of RAM and 30 GB of space on hard drives. With 100Mb connectivity and unlimited data transfers, you can start your business from EUR 8,44 per month.

More demanding projects can be protected by a rental server, including housing, with the Supermicro platform, Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor E3-1220V3, 16 GB of ECC memory and two terabyte hard drives. This solution is available from EUR 69,11 per month. This price includes the basic protection against DDoS attacks, while the extended protection Anti-DDoS Standard costs an additional EUR 18,50 per month.

Do you still want to risk it or will you rely on professional and functional protection by Radware provided to you by Coolhousing?

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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