Spare a lot of money thanks our transparent billing of electricity consumption

Save 40% of server electricity consumption costs

Reduce the negative influence of the increase in electric power prices and save tens of euros per year in the colocation. How it all works you can discover in this article.

No label data on the power source, no meter at server start or flat rate for meaningless values, but elektricity billing based on the actual value of input that your server actually consumes per month. Do not pay more, than you have to, thanks to our unique system, which we have been using at Coolhousing Data Center since 2012.

You know that server operation is a very individual matter. One server is busy and consumes maximum power at peak and at night its consumption drops to a minimum, another server works 24/7 at 60% of its performance. Thanks to our intelligent socket system and online administration of the Control Panel, you will know exactly how to further optimize the operation of your server, but especially what you actually pay for. That can save you tens of euro per year.

And how do we reach to real consumption values? Let´s have a look

Intelligent Socket System + Control Panel = Real consumption calculation

1. Intelligent Socket System

Unique socket system

If you decide to colocate your server to our data center, we will connect it to the advanced intelligent socket system Eaton EMAA11. These sockets have several functions that you can use in practice. However, the most important and most beneficial function for your wallet is to measure the power consumption of your server in the 24/7/365 mode. In other words, we still record how much electricity your server consumes.

2. Control panel and Transparency

Our online administration

We record all data from the intelligent socket in the Control Panel administration developed by us, where your consumption is calculated (point 3). We will send you access to the Control Panel immediately after ordering colocation and you will find all information in it. Not only the network settings of your server, the position of your server, but also all invoices and especially your server’s consumption graphs and your consumption history. Everything is completely transparent. The control panel supports all types of devices, so you can check the consumption from your mobile phone, for example, when you are watching TV on Saturday night.

3. Calculation of Real Consumption

We will calculate the consumption of your server according to the measured values in 30 days and these values will be averaged. You don’t have to worry about power or input peaks during restarts and occasional more demanding operations, such peaks spread out nicely in the 30-day average. This value is important for us both for billing and for determining your power category, which we continue to monitor. If your average consumption decreases or increases, the monthly amount charged will be recorrected.

Complex Colocation services

Are you still not convinced that with our data center you can optimize your costs and save as much as possible? Contact us, we will be happy to calculate how much you will actually save with us thanks to our rich experience with the operation of a transparent system.

Coolhousing team

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