Guide how to set VPN with SSTP protocol up on Windows

How to set up SSTP VPN on Windows

In the last article, we guided you how to set up the virtual private network, better known as the VPN with SSTP on the Linux distribution Debian. Now, we will pay attention to the VPN settings on the operating system Windows

For successful connection within the Windows, you will need same information as in the previous article:

  • VPN account (user name a password)
  • VPN server name

Now we shall begin!

1) First of all, you will need to enter to the network settings. Please, click on the Windows icon (button START, or bottom left icon) and select the sprocect icon Settings

Select Start and icon Settings

2) From the Settings menu select option Network & Internet

Choose Network & Internet in the Settings

3) Now, you should see the Network & Internet menu and you select the VPN tab on the left side

Select VPN option

4) After that click on the option Add a VPN connection

How to add new VPN connection

5) Now, you can see the blue table, where it is necessary to fill all information mentioned on the top. In the first frame select the option Windows (build-in), name your connection (sstp vpn in our case) and then insert Server name or address, which you received from your provider (from Coolhousing would be the best), select VPN SSTP by the VPN type, insert User name and password. Check the option Remember my sign-in info and click the Save button

Blue table with VPN settings

6) You will be back in the VPN menu and click Change adapter options on the right side listed below section Related settings

There is necessary to change adapter option

7) Find your established VPN SSTP connection and right click on it. Choose the Properties option, select Networking tab and after that Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on the Properties below. Make sure, that both options are default and click on the Advanced option. Check the option Use default gateway on remote network box. Confirm by OK and confirm by OK again in the second window

Right click on new VPN

8) The last step left – a security setup. After confirmation of the previous section, you are in the network settings, where you can see your newly created VPN (in our case sstp vpn). Right click on the created VPN and click the Properties. In this window, click on the Security tab. In this menu, check Allow these protocols as well as the Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP). Confirm by OK

Security step remains

Everything is now set up, click on the Connect on the new created icon (in our case sstp vpn) and you are connected safely. Congratulation!

As you can see, the SSTP VPN setup are a matter of a few minutes on both distributions, and this will definitely worth for the great security of company or personal data. If you are interested in this secure connection or advanced network services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Coolhousing team

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