Investment into virtual servers brings new advantages for customers

Investment into virtual servers brings new advantages for customers

At the onset of the new year, we acquired better performing machines for the operation of virtual private servers, thanks to which while maintaining our current price levels we have increased the parameters of offered VPS variants. We will migrate the existing VPS Windows system to the new variants automatically and free of charge for all customers.

At the end of last year, Coolhousing was evaluated as the most transparent provider of server housing services. We would also like to maintain this quality in 2013, which we are demonstrating through investments into upgrades to the servers in our virtualisation farm, which we are turning into a benefit for our customers. We do not reserve better performance only for our new customers, but we also provided it to existing customers, and even free of charge to VPS Windows customers. How is this possible?

The new better performing servers enable us not only to increase the performance assigned to individual virtual servers, but also to increase the number of virtual servers operated on one physical server. The license for the operating system Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition, which we use for VPS with Windows, is tied to a physical server, and the number of virtual servers is unlimited. Therefore, more virtual servers means lower licensing costs for each of them.

Thanks to these savings, we have been able to perform an automatic upgrade of all Windows platform virtual servers to the new parameters. Enjoy better performance of your web applications and virtual offices!

We have also upgraded servers running Linux VPS (VPS Start, VPS Standard and VPS Business). Customers using these variants have the opportunity to migrate to new better performing variants by submitting a request to our technical support operators by calling 777 310 000, sending an e-mail to info@coolhousing.net or using the customer Control Panel. Migration to a new performance variant is charged a one-time fee of € 20. Migration to a higher variant of the service remains free of charge, even in the case of migration from a lower older variant to a higher new variant. If so far you have used VPS Start, for example, by migrating to VPS Standard will get an even current performance variant with two 1800 MHz processor cores and 2176 MB of RAM free of charge.

The last new item in our offer of virtual servers is unification of the discounts provided for the first payment period for all VPS variants to 30%.

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