IPv6 Hosting? Yes and with a discount!

IPv6 Hosting? Yes and with a discount!

So far everybody just talked about it but now it is true. Last available IPv4 addresses are disappearing from the IANA central register. This fact does not mean that the Internet will collapse but we must realize that there are no more IPv4 addresses available and that there will never be any more. We, at Coolhousing are aware about this fact, and since January 2009 we have been actively supporting the IPv6 protocol. Now, we decided to go even further. We shall reward all server owners who run their applications under the IPv6 protocol. Each of our client who will use in his hosting IPv6 addresses only is entitled to a discount of up to € 58,- every month - subtracted from this monthly fee.

Do you want a server but you do not plan on using IPv4 addresses? For each IPv4 address you are entitled to, you will receive a discount €2/month, which will be subtracted from your monthly fee!

Virtual servers

Under the scope of our service, each virtual server is entitled to receive one IPv4 address. If you do not want this IP address, you will only receive /96 IPv6 subnet with discount of € 2,- of your monthly fee.

VPS START with /96 IPv6 subnet = € 9,- per month

VPS STANDARD with /96 IPv6 subnet = € 21,- per month

VPS BUSINESS with /96 IPv6 subnet = € 37,- per month


Under the scope of our server hosting services, each customer is entitled to receive one IPv4 address. Of course, the discount applies to this service as well and if you decide not to use IPv4 protocol, you may place your server in our datacenter for a monthly fee of € 37,-.

HP Dedicated servers

Under services provided by dedicated servers using HP hardware, each client is entitled to have routing up to 3 IPv4 addresses under one service.

If you decide to use only IPv6 for your services on HP dedicated server, you are entitled to a discount of € 6,- of you monthly service fee. So, how about getting a dedicated server HP Compaq 6005 with /96 IPv6 subnet for only € 93,- per month!

Rack Housing and Farm Housing

The discount for unused IPv4 addresses also applies to these hosting plans. Here, the discount is significant and we believe that transfer over to IPv6 – the protocol of the future, is worth considering.

Cool Rack with /96 IPv6 subnet = € 256,- per month (€ 10,- monthly discount)

Plus Rack with /96 IPv6 subnet = € 293,- per month (€ 26,- monthly discount)

Giga Rack with /96 IPv6 subnet = € 455,- per month (€ 58,- monthly discount)

Server Farm Cool with /96 IPv6 subnet = € 212,- per month (€ 10,- monthly discount)

Server Farm Plus with /96 IPv6 subnet = € 331,- per month (€ 26,- monthly discount)

Server Farm Giga with /96 IPv6 subnet = € 433,- per month (€ 58,- monthly discount)

Discount is applicable to any service which uses connectivity directly from the Coolhousing network, has properly assigned IPv6 subnet and does not use any IPv4 address provided by Coolhousing network. Subnet registration is free for all customers.

Let us face the future together! Transfer your services under IPv6 protocol and make use of server hosting services provided by Coolhousing!

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