Review of our managed server and service project

Managed server – project evaluation

The hapiness of our customers is the most important for our data center. We would like to show you entire evaluation of the project cloud development, based on our managed server after more than one year of cooperation with Say IT company.

EPLcond Project

Our company offers not only consulting and mediation of IT services, but also software development. Our customer EPLcond a.s. came to us with the idea about a transferring the corporate intranet to a cloud solution. The reason was quite simple, their server hardware and software were outdated and needed to be replaced. The question therefore was, whether a long-term leasing would not be more economically better than a one-off investment every 5-8 years.

We quoted several companies providing cloud services, dedicated servers and VPS. From the beginning, Coolhousing Data center communicated and acted very professionally. Its offer was the most comprehensive compared to the competitors and we immediately started to communicate what should be different and what is possible. We had to ask for more detailed information from the another providers for our better comparison in the offers and prices. Within the tender, we accepted an offer to visit the Coolhousing Data center. After that, we sent 3 offers with a recommendation of Coolhousing to the EPLcond company. Although the Coolhousing offer was priced on average value, they were the most detailed, communicative and it was clear that they would pay attention to the customer. The offer from Coolhousing was approved.

The Coolhousing started to prepare physical and virtual servers, the main router, VPN and others, while we learnt all information about the current state of the intranet. These preparations took 3 months, during which we had to change the final model of the cloud solution several times, because there were new, unknown facts about the intranet. The communication was always operational and we always found a suitable solution, together.

The problems had been occurred during the transition from the local intranet to the cloud, despite a careful preparation. These could not had been foreseen. Nevertheless, in this crisis situation, we could rely on the Coolhousing and all the problems had been solved within only one day.

At the beginning, we planned that the process would be 90% complete after the transition to a cloud solution. A long-term tuning and adjustments remained. Strictly speaking, the using of Coolhousing services has begun. Thanks to two-way and fast communication within a few months, we were able to present the perfect solution and all employees were completely satisfied. Thanks to this migration, now, the intranet is modern and secured, new possibilities for the use of intranet services have opened up. Only the necessary network hardware (routers and wifi access points) have remained at the company’s branches.

In the final evaluation, we came to the conclusion that with the long-term use of the managed solution from the Coolhousing data center, the economic costs are almost half compared to the maintenance and management of our own hardware. In addition, the hardware is more secured against theft, fire or power outages.

Managed server reference

Say IT s.r.o.

In the case, that you are also looking for a functional and reliable IT solution with high value, managed server provided by our datacenter will be the right choice for you.

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