Management of VPS Windows: VPS Windows and MetaTrader

Management of VPS Windows: VPS Windows and MetaTrader

A very popular way to use our virtual servers, in particular the basic VPS Windows model, is to carry out transactions on the electronic stock and currency exchange market. So, we have decided to address this topic in our miniseries focusing on MS Windows configuration, where we shall take a look at the installation of the MetaTrader application, which is a popular tool used by Forex traders.

Many stock exchange traders, especially those focusing on Forex, which involves currency trading, are searching for a suitable place to carry out their business transactions and to run automated business strategies.

An ideal place is a virtual server in a data center with good connectivity and a backup power source.

Coolhousing has prepared for you a start-up package called VPS Windows XTB, which offers MetaTrader 4 and has recently become a very popular tool for many successful traders who perform literally tens of thousands of transactions on their servers every month.

Let us take a look at how to install MetaTrader on a “clean” virtual server exactly according to your needs.

MetaTrader has been offered for many years in two options – MetaTrader 4 and its “successor”, MetaTrader 5. But why is the older version still used when there is a newer version?

The answer is simple. The new version slightly improved certain functions, but in reality only the core of the application was modified by adding a few new indicators (which may also be imported into MT 4), but most importantly several functions were removed and that made MT 4 a clear leader in this business. Brokers also more and more support MT4 rather than MT5 and it looks like it is going to stay like that for a while.

Therefore, we also recommend you install MetaTrader 4 even though the installation of MetaTrader 5 is virtually identical.

First, open Internet Explorer (or another browser that you use).

Internet Explorer

Now, enter the following address in the address line http://www.metatrader4.com/ and confirm your selection.

MetaTrader4 Web

In the lower section of your screen you will see an offer to download the application. Click on it (to speed the process up you can click directly on the Windows icon).

MetaTrader4 Web_2

You may sometimes see, particularly if you have just configured your server, that the safety configuration will not allow you to download the file. In this scenario, you must change the configuration a bit.

First, click on the geared wheel on the right side of the address input line and select Internet options from the drop-down menu.

Internet Options

The system will display a window where you select the Security tab and then the Custom level in the lower section.

Internet Options_2

Then select Downloads from the menu and change the configuration to Enabled.

Internet Options_3

Confirm your selection and now you may download the file. When the download finishes, open it.

Downloaded MT4

Now a typical installation process begins. First, read 🙂 and accept the licensing conditions.

MT4 Install

After that the installation process is done automatically and the application will install itself into the proper directory. The application will also place an icon on your Desktop which you may use to run the application directly.

When the application opens you must enter access information or create a new demo account. If your broker has not provided you with login information, or if you do not have a broker yet, you may create your demo account free of charge.

MT4 Config

The application will ask you several personal questions for registration purposes. In order to continue you must agree to receive newsletters (may be cancelled later).

MT4 Config_2

After confirming the correctness of your information the application will generate your access/login information. Store your access information carefully.

MT4 Config_3

And that’s it! Now you have a functional MetaTrader 4 on your server which will take you into the secret world of financial markets.

MT4 Installed

Thank you for your attention. I hope that you have enjoyed our miniseries focusing on the basic configuration and personalization of VPS running the Windows operating system and that you have found answers to your basic questions.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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