New pricing conditions by Microsoft

A new Microsoft Licensing Price List will be valid from January 1, 2019, to all SPLA partners, including the Coolhousing Datacenter. Unfortunately, license prices will be increased again, as every year.

The price changes were included in the Coolhousing price list in November for new projects to count with new conditions. For existing clients, old conditions will be valid until December 31, 2018 and if you have paid the service until 2019, the difference in the license price will not be charged.

Microsoft licenses
MS Windows Standard edition (2× Core)
(min. 8× Core)
€ 6 /month
(€ 24 /month)
MS Windows Datacenter edition (2× Core)
(min. 8× Core)
€ 33 /month
(€ 132 /month)
MS Windows Remote Desktop
(1 SAL)
€ 7 /month
MS SQL Standard edition (1 SAL) € 19 /month
MS SQL Standard edition (2× Core)
(min. 4× Core)
€ 165 /month
(€ 24 /month)


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