New in our product range: A place for all your data

New in our product range: A place for all your data

Do you need more disk space for your hosting services? Will you appreciate a dedicated back-up storage? Or do you need enough disk space with minimum management requirements for your server? Choose us, because we're just expanding our range of external network data storage sites.

External data storage is the ideal answer to the demand for disk capacity beyond the physical or virtual server itself. Coolhousing offers two types of external storage to suit the intended use and performance requirements.

The shared data storage is applicable for capacities of up to 1 TB, for undemanding projects, as a substitute for insufficient virtual server disk space or as a place to store back-up data. “Shared data storage is a disk space on some of our reliable disk arrays. This solution can be used for situations where response times or IOPS don’t play a vital role, but the customer prefers sufficient disk capacity on a reliable external data field with disks in RAID.

You can access the storage using SFTP, RSYNC, FTP, SMB or NFS, and the first two of these protocols can be encrypted and secured using a private/public key. As standard, all these protocols are secured with a login, password and restricted access from specific IP addresses from both the Coolhousing network and internet. Several users may access the data storage, including the option to set up read-only rights or rights allowing data overwrite and read out.

External data storage can be also dedicated, which is done by renting a NAS network storage. Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a small server with slots for HDDs intended to be used 24/7. You can’t attach a keyboard, mouse or monitor to your NAS – you can control the device using a very simple web interface and virtually anybody can manage it. First of all, a NAS can serve as a central storage for your data and back-ups; however, today it can provide many more special features. These include, for example, a web server, a database server or a mail server, or you can use it as a client for automatic downloads from various P2P networks. It’s needless to remind you of the benefits of continuously connected seedbox with reasonable disk capacity e.g. in the BitTorrent network.

The shared data storage service can’t be purchased separately but only as a part of the VPS, dedicated servers and server hosting services. A dedicated storage service can be purchased separately. For this service, the same rules apply as for the dedicated server service, including free hardware repairs during the entire service period and the option to buy the device for € 3 when the two-year contract expires.

See further info and our rates on https://www.coolhousing.net/en/data-storage.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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