New Skylake and Broadwell processors

New Skylake and Broadwell processors

Coolhousing introduced computer systems with Skylake processors, i.e. the E3-1220V5 and E3-1240V5, to its portfolio of Supermicro dedicated servers last week. This pair has this week been topped up with an Intel Xeon E5-2630V4, a CPU from the Broadwell family. The systems contain DDR4 memory modules and two 1TB SATA HDDs.

The processors from the E3 v5 family replaced the E3 v3 family, which was very popular among Coolhousing customers. Unlike its predecessor, the v5 family has a slightly lower frequency; however, it can make use of DDR4 RAM modules. What’s more important – you can install 64 GB RAM to your server if you use a v5 processor; it’s twice as much as with its predecessor.



The highest standard Supermicro server system changes from the E5-2630V3 to Broadwell E5-2630V4. The system configuration remains unchanged. The only modification is the CPU, whose frequency has again been slightly lowered and two new cores were added. As a pleasant result, the CPU provides 10 physical cores and 20 processor threads.



Compared to the previous versions, the power consumption of the new v4 and v5 hasn’t changed; and since the component prices haven’t changed, the prices of Supermicro systems basically remain unchanged. A dedicated server with either a Skylake or Broadwell processor is certainly a good choice, even with the prospect to the future.

List of dedicated servers you can find here.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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