News and Updates for May 2011

News and Updates for May 2011

A new month is here again and we are bringing you several updates and news that happened in Coolhousing server hosting. As a new feature we have included in our offer Microsoft software licenses, we have upgraded configuration of our dedicated server Coolbarebone #1, we have updated SLA guaranty and last but not least, our Facebook is now alive.

Microsoft License

In addition, we have included Microsoft licenses in our hosting services, which thanks to the SPLA program, can now offer to our customers. The main advantages of licence renting are the ability to create custom software solutions (customer deploys and uses software which he needs), cost flexibility (the customer pays only for licenses that he actually used during the previous month, the availability of the latest and up-to-date software with an option to downgrade again and lastly, 60 day trial period..

Microsoft software licences may be ordered for any dedicated server, for your own server that you have with us, or you may acquire licenses for servers outside of our telehouse.

Coolbarebone #1

Small ecological / economical server based on Intel Atom platform got another upgrade. Thanks to its small size and small power consumption but high performance, it is an ideal solution for corporate web / mail / db server, backup server or file server. There are virtually no limitation during practical use.

The new configuration of this popular server is:

Unfortunately, two hard drives still cannot be installed in the server, but based on the steadily growing demand for this solution, it is possible that our offer will soon include a model Coolbarebone # 2.

SLA – Guaranteed services

For an additional fee you can purchase and select the level of guaranteed availability for your hosting services, that is, the SLA – Service Level Agreement. Separately, you can select one of the three available levels, which differ from each other by the level of guaranteed availability and by the maximum repair time.


Our Facebook profile is now alive. We want present our company and our news on Facebook network and we hope, than we will have a lot of fans. Join us. 🙂

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