News summary from the world of IT (22. - 28. 3. 2014)

News summary from the world of IT (22. – 28. 3. 2014)

Facebook buys Oculus VR. Microsoft released the source code for MS - DOS and MS Word. AMD and Nvidia introduced new models of their cards and WD comes with a superfast mechanical external drives. These are the main topics of this week.

AMD introduced a new professional graphics card

AMD is attacking the head post between professional graphics cards. With its new FireWire card W9100 offers a record 16 GB of memory GDDR5 . This professional card is based on the core Hawaii and Graphics Core Next architecture 1.1. On the market should appear sometime during April. More information

Microsoft released the source code for MS – DOS and MS Word

Few people would have expected, but Microsoft last week released the source code for the first version of its operating system, MS – DOS , namely version 1.1 and 2.0. Along with them also the Word version 1.1a. These source codes are free for non-commercial use and are available on the web. More information

Facebook Oculus VR bought for $ 2 billion

IT event of the week is undoubtedly purchase of VR Oculus, Oculus Rift device developer for a new generation of virtual reality. Facebook bought company for two billion dollar, which recently invested heavily in the purchase of new services and technologies. More information

Nvidia introduced the successor generations Maxwell

Graphics giant Nvidia recently introduced the first GPU belonging to Maxwell generation, which replaces the older Kepler. Now, the company unfold plans for the next generation that will replace the current Maxwells. Generation Pascal will be almost twice as much powerful on the market and should arrive in 2016. More information

Western Digital has introduced new drives with Thunderbolt

Not only Apple fans can rejoice. Western Digital will launch two new models of external drives, My Passport Pro, which will be equipped with ultra-fast Thunderbolt interface. There will be capacity 2 TB and 4 TB with writing speeds to 233 MB/s. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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